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Capital Pulse for Healthcare Providers

Capital Pulse is your trusted partner for protecting patient privacy and medical receivables valuation. Our goal is to help you unlock increased cash flow by financing unpaid medical claims or even leveraging portfolios of stale claims so that you can focus on patient care. Find out how our comprehensive account servicing solutions and valuation platform can transform your financial landscape. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a new era of financial success.

Modern Architecture

Analytics & Low-Cost Working Capital

Healthcare providers face long reimbursement cycles and unique cash flow challenges. Capital Pulse uses a powerful supervised AI solution that unlocks the value of outstanding medical claims, allowing healthcare providers to access medical receivables financing at a rate as low as 7.8%.


But we don't stop there. Our capital solutions enable healthcare providers to turn the assessed value of medical receivables into cash. By working with trusted financial institutions (or even your current bank), we facilitate the transformation of those receivables into a timely cash infusion. Say goodbye to cash flow challenges and hello to working capital and financial flexibility.

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