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Capital Pulse for Financial Institutions

Whether you are a healthcare provider seeking improved cash flow or a financial institution searching for attractive investment opportunities, Capital Pulse is your trusted partner. Experience the power of our medical receivables valuation platform and capital solutions to transform your financial landscape. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a new era of financial success.

Insight & Access

Our next-generation medical receivables valuation platform provides financial institutions access to a robust marketplace of proprietarily assessed medical receivables, ripe for investment. Alternatively or additionally, our financial institution partners can bring their own healthcare provider customers to Capital Pulse and our secure HIPAA-compliant computing environment to analyze, score, and value their medical receivables.


Our groundbreaking assessments of medical receivables are up to 98.5% accurate. That accuracy mitigates risk and enhances investment options. Financial institutions that add these high-quality, medical receivable assets to their portfolios can achieve attractive returns while healthcare providers, including financial institutions' existing customers, receive competitive lending rates on working capital.

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