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Applying next-generation technology to improve hospital margins

We are transforming the way hospitals access the working capital they need through claim validation, scoring, and cash flow projection.


What We Do

Across the country, hospitals operate on shrinking margins, making it challenging for them to cover day-to-day expenses or qualify for affordable working capital. These thin margins—combined with the demands of value-based care—are leading to a financial crisis that has forced some hospitals to curtail their operations or close their doors altogether.


At Capital Pulse, we're changing the status quo for our nation's hospitals. We use our proprietary platform to predict healthcare payment probabilities so hospitals and health systems can allocate their resources strategically and avoid short-term “cash crunches.”


Our Solutions

Our platform provides hospitals with the tools they need to reliably solve their funding shortfalls while supporting a value-based care model. We offer: 


Claim Validation

We use your historical medical claims data in our HIPAA-compliant environment to power custom claim validation models that identify areas of potential denials.


Repayment Probability 

We help hospitals more reliably predict which claims will pay, in what amount, and over what time period with 98.5% accuracy, helping leadership make short-term strategic decisions. 


Cash-Flow Projections 

We provide accurate, real-time cash flow forecasts based on pools of outstanding claims, providing up-to-the-minute data for hospitals and health systems to operate their business.  


Claim Scoring

We apply an integrated model that evaluates, scores, and pools medical insurance claims to establish the first-ever “asset valuation for claims.”


Complete HIPAA Compliance 

Protecting patient data is our top priority. We construct our large-scale models in a fully encrypted, HIPAA-compliant environment, ensuring that neither patient health information nor claim data can be reverse engineered or altered.


The Founders
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Feb 6, 2023

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"I believe Capital Pulse is truly a first mover in the healthcare finance world. Their mission to help hospitals tackle tight margins is vital both to our economy and to the health of communities nationwide. It's a potential game changer."

Eric Hargan 

CEO, The Hargan Group and Former Deputy Secretary, HHS


Contact Us

Capital Pulse has offices in Wilmington, NC, Boston, MA, and Santa Monica, CA. We invite you to contact our team using the contact form.

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